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5 Clever Ways To Keep Wedding Costs Down

Amelia Mortimer
Amelia Mortimer 8th of March 2023

Planning a wedding can sometimes feel like a huge financial burden. You want your big day to be perfect, but it can be hard to find what you want and not spend a small fortune. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make sure that you still have a wonderful wedding day, without breaking the bank.

So, here are 5 Clever Ways to Keep Wedding Costs Down…

1 - Make Use of Your Guests

Your wedding guests are, of course, there to celebrate and have a good time. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be helpful even at the event. Why not get your girls together to handmake some of the decorations or ask guests to take photos of their tables and other guests while the professional focuses on the key moments between you and your partner.

2 - Send Digital Invitations

Creating and sending your invitations are a traditional part of wedding planning. However, that’s not to say that you can’t move with the times. Ask a professional stationer to design your digital invites, allowing you to still have incredible designs but saving on the cost of printing and postage fees. What’s more, the digital option is also much more environmentally friendly - so it’s a win-win!

3 - Be Creative with Catering

One of the biggest potential costs for any wedding reception is catering. You want your guests to be well fed and watered, but that doesn’t have to break the bank. Consider more reasonable alternatives to costly sit-down meals, such as a buffet or something like a hog-roast. Or why not serve your wedding cake as dessert, instead of providing both?

4 - Do Some Research

On the face of it, some of the costs associated with planning your wedding can be daunting. However, if you take time and do some digging, you may find some services or venues which are willing to work with you on the price. Other suppliers might change their rates depending on the time of year, or even what day of the week the booking is for, so it could be worth picking a more flexible date. With careful planning, you can find smart solutions to make sure that the prices you pay are a lot more reasonable.

5 - Cut Clothing Costs

Everyone wants to get their wedding day look right, either by finding the right dress or making sure that their wedding party is decked out accordingly. There are several solutions to make sure that this is the case without going over budget. For example, rental dresses and suits might be an option for you. There are plenty of reputable outlets to rent a stylish wedding outfit. Alternatively, why not look to the high street, or even the wardrobe, for suits and bridesmaids dresses?

That's our top 5 tips for planning a wedding without paying through the nose. Hopefully, you can put them to use whilst still having a fantastic day. Don't forget, you can find top wedding venues and suppliers, perfect for your budget wedding on Weddings For Less.

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