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Budget Wedding Gift List Services

We have a handpicked selection of wedding gift list providers that offer incredible gifts for your guests to contribute to, including high street items and experience days.


A traditional gift list service

A traditional gift list gives you family and friends an insight into what you and your partner would like as wedding gifts. In the past, department stores were the most popular for this, however, now there is an incredible range of online gift lists. Online gift lists cover the usual items found in a department store, but also other high street stores and more unique gifts like experience days.

Nowadays many couples live together before getting married, so the requests for dinner plates and cutlery are less common as these aren’t required following the wedding. As a result, online gift lists offer a range of unique gifts and offers something less traditional.

Online gift lists are an easy way for guests to browse and select an appropriate gift for you. It is also possible to put some money towards a larger gift and contribute as a group.

Gift list etiquette

Traditionally, the bride’s mother held the gift list and guests would discreetly contact her to ask for details. It was very normal for guests to even choose something that wasn’t on the list at all.

These days it is assumed that every guest will want to purchase a gift, therefore it is acceptable to include details or where the gift list can be found on the invitation, or even ask for a monetary contribution towards the honeymoon.

Once you have received a gift, it is appropriate to send a personal thank you letter to the guest. This card can combine a thank you for a gift with thanks for sharing the day with you. In doing this, you can also confirm to the guest that the gift has been received and they don’t then need to ask.

Thank you gifts

Whilst you might be expecting gifts from your guests, you also have the job of purchasing gifts for your bridal party. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will have put a lot of time and effort into your celebration, and traditionally that is recognised by giving a small gift from the newlywed couple.

It is also traditional to buy a bouquet of flowers for both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. This is a thank you for their support throughout the planning process.

Browse our selection of gift list services and find one that offers the gifts that you are hoping for.

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Get adventurous with your wedding gift list. Mix gifts, subscriptions and honeymoon funds all on one list.

Patchwork Gift List Services in South London


Whether it's your honeymoon, a piece of art or a new kitchen, with Patchwork your guests can fund the one thing you really want - piece by piece. Customisable templates and a gorgeous image gallery, make it easy and fun to set up your gift page.

The Wedding Present Co Gift List Services in Wiltshire

The Wedding Present Co

The Wedding Present Company offers a truly bespoke wedding list. From custom-made wedding presents to a showroom experience where interiors are brimming with boutique homeware, leading brands, and exclusive presents you won't find anywhere else.

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