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Budget Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance is so much cheaper than you might think, with some cover starting from around £20. It covers unlikely events and doesn’t break the bank, so as soon as you get engaged and start planning we recommend that you take out wedding insurance.


What does wedding insurance cover?

Wedding insurance stops you losing money in the long run by protecting you from companies going bust or not getting the service that you paid for from your suppliers.

The insurance also covers natural disasters like flooding, which isn’t uncommon with the amount of rain the UK gets! In addition, if you or a close family member gets ill or passes away unexpectedly causing you to postpone the wedding, the insurance will cover the costs of this.

What doesn’t wedding insurance cover?

Wedding insurance does not cover pre-existing medical conditions. It also doesn’t cover you if you change your mind!

Postponing the wedding

Weddings aren’t just cancelled because of a change of heart. Death of a relative, a broken bone or an overseas posting can mean that you have to postpone your celebration. Wedding insurance can help you recover at least some of your costs.

Wedding insurance may not be something that you have given any thought to, but we do recommend getting cover. For the amount it costs, even if nothing goes awry, you won’t feel like it was an unnecessary expense.

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